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Planning Your Loft Conversion:

You must be realistic about the possibilities of your conversion. Get a tape measure and write down the ceiling height -
it needs to be no less than 2.3 metres to give enough headroom.

The steeper the slope (or pitch) of the roof, the more suitable it will be for conversion.
If your roof has a very steep pitch you may be able to squeeze in a mezzanine level.

Dormer windows extend out of the original roof and are a way of adding headroom.
They can be the size of a single window or they can span a sizeable chunk of the roof and contain two or more windows.

It`s also possible to extend to the side from a hipped roof - in other words build out from the sloped side of the roof to make the edge flush with the exterior wall. Pay attention to the exterior of the dormer - make sure it won`t look out of place in your street, either because it`s too big, out of place, or because the tiles and brickwork don`t match.